Wireless Water Level Controller

How it works?

Key Features

Plug and Play Device

Durable Rainproof ABS Body

Wireless Motor Controller

Automatically operates the motor based on storage water levels.
Provides dry – run notifications, remote control and scheduling via a mobile application.
Prevents long term motor damage

Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Measures the level of water in a tank with 1 cm accuracy.
Uses sound waves without coming in contact with water.
Prevents overflow from the storage tank

Control it From Your Phone





A long lasting user friendly solution


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Most frequent questions and answers

A water level controller is a device that manages water levels on a variety of systems such as water tanks, pumps and swimming pools. The basic function of a water level controller is to regulate water flow and optimize system performance. These devices have four main advantages.

Saves Power

Using a water level controller saves power. This is because water levels are controlled automatically, which limits the amount of electricity used. As a result, less water and power are used to regulate a water supply. In an age where energy conservation is of utmost importance, using one of these devices is very beneficial.

Saves Money

Since a water level controller conserves power, it saves money, as well. Basically, water regulation is optimized through these devices, which means that wasted electricity and wasted water is kept at a minimum. That saves a substantial amount of money over time.

Works Automatically

Another big advantage is that these devices can work on their own. Thanks to timer switches, there is no need to operate them manually. This means that the frustrations involved with monitoring something like a water tank is minimized, and the water levels will be where they should be.

Maximizes Water

Additionally, water usage can be maximized with a water level controller. Often, water pumps get more use during the middle of the day. A water level controller is helpful because it automatically provides more water during the middle of the day and less water at night. As a result, water remains at its appropriate level at all times.


1 km Open Air. Agua water systems use N.A.R.A wireless protocol for communication at 433 MHz frequency.

No. All Agua Water Level Controllers are equiped with a GSM module which provides direct internet connectivity.

No. This device is customer friendly. Just follow the manuals to the word!

In a highly unlikely scenario that does happen, the device can be easily bypassed and a replacement can be requested via the mobile app.

A simple repeater can solve that issue, just call us and we may provide one for free.

In case the installation location falls under a Dealer jurisdiction, the installation will be provided for free. If the installation location does not have a Agua Dealer, the product will be shipped with the activation charge. Information regarding dealers can be found here.

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