Product Design

PCB, Firmware, CAD - End to End IOT/Electronics product design, manufacturing and deployment

Software Development

Android - iOS - Windows. We use Adobe Flex platform to deliver solutions for IOT, ERP, CRM, POS on any platform with crisp UI and convenient UX

Business Plan

Our partner experts can crunch numbers on any aspect of impact to market of an idea. Cost effective analysis before you sit on the design board.

Agua Water Systems

Flagship line of IOT products for water management.

  • Water level controlling
  • <1% Sensor accuracy
  • 1.8 Km wireless connectivity
  • Flow measurement, control and distribution
  • Seamless GSM connectivity with mobile application
  • Water billing

Building Management Systems And Industrial Automation

Wireless IOT PLC's

  • 2-40 Sensor/Control node design
  • 32 bit ARM Micro controllers
  • Over 12 types of sensors
  • 1.8 Km wireless connectivity
  • Mobile Application Control
  • Seamless GSM connectivity
  • No hassle of cable maintenance
  • True Ultrasonic Precision Sensing

Data Acquisition Systems

All the sensing and communication capabilities of our PLC's for multi node sensor data acquisition for pollution monitoring, scientific data collection, safety and security applications.

Ideal for smart city management, highly sensitive areas, efficiency sensitive equipment and consumer products.


CCTV Security Systems

We bring our expertise in delivering off - grid security solutions with mobile application based monitoring. Implementation at a fraction of industry standard costs. We use Hik Vision and CP Plus CCTV solutions with Airtel 4G Connectivity.


Time for Business

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