Building Management Systems

Generator Load Regulation System

Hope Apartments, Gurugram, Haryana, India


This residential facility has 201 flats in it. The generator installed at the location is capable of providing enough power for lights/fans and lower loads. Some residents were running heavier loads like air conditioner and microwaves on the generator. This lead to generator overloading and forced recurring repairs. When conventional load regulation systems were installed, they left lower inductive loads like Refrigerators incapable of operation because they were incapable of ignoring minor surges in the demand.


Following system was implemented:

Nara IOT PLC V16

  • Power supply tripping on continuous load >6A for 20 Seconds.
  • SMS notification to user and Apartment association
  • Automatic restore of power after 1 minute
  • Android Application for overhaul view for the apartment association
  • <1% Current sensing accuracy


Industrial Automation

Beverage Manufacturing Automation

Bristo Beverages, Bengaluru, India


Small screen, tacky buttons and no freedom of access. Low to mid range PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) have no user friendly flexibility in operations. Bristo Beverages suffered with the same issues in their PLC's. There was no way for them to freely manufacture various versions of beverages without struggling with changing timings and complex parameters on their PLC supplied by a leading manufacturer.


Nara Technologies introduced the latest sensors with advance IOT (Internet of Things) PLC's. Now the entire factory can be controlled from any where in the world via a simple Android application. Data analytics and operational freedom are a breeze.

  • <1% liquid flow sensing accuracy
  • Food Grade design