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Our Approach

We design end to end solutions in house. Be it PCB Design, BOM procurement, EMS, Firmware development, CAD Design, Server Configuration or Android/iOS/Windows Application development. These designs are further carried to market by our 14 partner companies. Quality checks on site and off site are maintained by our servers ensuring no human error.

What's Different?

We make no mistakes twice. That's been our growth juice since our inception in September 2014. Over the 3 years of our growth we spent our time on Research and Development not only on our products, but the business process to bring maximum customer satisfaction. Our outsourcing model ensures the maximum fire power in human resources keeping idle expenses at minimum. This in turn results in "on time delivery", prompt service and the best "to market price".

Meet the Team

Brick and mortar in the foundation of Nara Technologies

Rohit Nara

Rohit Nara

Founder & CEO

Tinkering in the R&D Lab and coming up with solutions to the world’s problems is Rohit’s idea of a great day’s work.


Retheesh R

Senior Software Engineer

With over 10 years of experience in App Development, Retheesh can build any software on any platform within a day.


Mayur Chandak

Senior Electronics Engineer

6 years experience in Embedded Design let's Mayur bring stable designs at a fraction of the industry costs.


Avadhesh Bhatey


6 Years of experience as a CA and a passion to sing, Avadhesh is the man for the books of numbers

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