Worried about increasing water scarcity, rising water bills and inefficient water management? 

Agua is your one stop shop to tackle all your water woes!

About Us

We at Agua are actively trying to tackle the fresh water crisis facing us today. Our innovative technology solutions plug various supply and demand inefficiencies that plague the water infrastructure within the country.

Low installation costs

The plug-and-play nature of our solutions ensures that they can work with existing infrastructure. Our customers face 0 downtime due to installation and maintenance

Low maintenance costs

Wireless solutions eliminate costly wires prone to environmental stresses


Sensors with accuracy levels above 99% ensure that the system always delivers peak performance

Real-time Monitoring

Our Web App enables customers to monitor their consumption from anywhere in the world


Smart Billing Systems

Best in class accurate flow sensors and dynamic billing systems for apartments, layouts and cities.

Water Level Controller

Wired and wireless options for homes, commercial building and layouts.

Sewage Treatment Plant Automation

Automation of STPs to increase process efficiencies using dissolved oxygen sensors to control blowers, level sensors for alerts and power sensing for blockage detection.

Water Distribution

Automated valves, Motor Controllers, Level and Flow sensors used to automate every aspect of water distribution and management.

Some of our existing clientele benefiting from our solutions
Individual Households & Apartment Associations
Billing and Water Level Control Systems
Building Facility and Maintenance Management
Water Distribution
City municipalities and Smart Cities
Level Monitoring and Alert Systems
Commercial, Industrial and Manufacturing facilities
Water Distribution


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